Useful Information

Dear guest Welcome

Thank you for choosing our structure. We hope that your stay will be confortable and relaxing.

In this small guide you can find useful informations for your stay and a list of activities we offer.


WIFI:  WWADSL_EXT – PASS: 1a2b3c4d5e

For any request or problem call us: Vittoria 3313813690

All the basic necessities are usable no more than 10 minutes by car.

On our website clicking on “SERVIZI NELLE VICINANZE”, you can find directions on shops, gas stations, banks, pubblic security, pharmacies, laundry, Hospital.


Here, no more than 20 minutes by car, there are both enogastronomical and historical turist itineraries.

On the page “VEDERE NELLE VICINANZE” clicking on the main menu, you can find all the informations. Besides we collected some informative folder that we left in your room.


Our structure host an holistic wellness center equipped with a meditation room, a massage room and a didactic vegetable garden for orthotherapy.

Below you can find the price list of all the activities you can use:

SUN SALUTATION: a morning yoga exercise. It’s perfect for a healthy and energetic awakening: cost per person 8 €

ACTIVE MEDITATION: a guided meditation (you can do when you want during the day) maintain a good phycophysical balance: cost per person 15€

MEDITATIVE MASSAGE: a regenerating, energetic, rebalancing massage, useful to relax. It lasts 45 minutes with warm natural oils, cromotherapy and music: cost 40 €

RELAXING DAY: a day of wellness: a morning sun salutations, two meditations, one massage, a vegetarian lunch, a breakfast: cost per person 95€

For more info click on “INIZIATIVE E PROPOSTE”.